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Abraham Lincoln Perhaps you are impressed by President George Washington or you are inspired by Tim Tebow. Maybe you want to swoop from building to building like Spiderman or care for orphans like Mother Teresa. Many people are heroes or can be someone's hero. My Hero is Abraham Lincoln because he inspires me to always tell the truth and stand up for things that may not be popular, but are just. There are many qualities of a hero that fit Abraham Lincoln. Some include that the hero must have a goal or quest that he is on. The hero’s path is beset with dangers, loneliness, and temptations. The hero suffers a wound, physical or mental. A quality of a hero is that his path is beset with dangers, loneliness, and temptation. Abraham Lincoln…show more content…
Shortly after the Battle of Antietam, Lincoln issued a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which took effect on January 1, 1863, and freed all of the slaves in the rebellious states but left those in the Border States in bondage ("Facts about Abraham Lincoln."). In 1864, Lincoln faced a tough reelection battle against the Democratic nominee, the former Union General George McClellan, but Union victories in battle (especially William T. Sherman's capture of Atlanta in September) swung many votes the president's way (Johnson). In his second inaugural address, delivered on March 4, 1865, Lincoln addressed the need to reconstruct the South and rebuild the Union: "With malice toward none; with charity for all." (Johnson). 
 As Sherman marched triumphantly northward through the Carolinas, Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9 (Lehrman). Union victory was near, and Lincoln gave a speech on the White House lawn on April 11, urging his audience to welcome the southern states back into the fold (Lehrman). Tragically, Lincoln would not live to help carry out his vision of Reconstruction. On the night of April 14, the actor and Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth slipped into the president's box at Ford's Theatre in Washington and shot him point-blank in the back of the head (McPherson). Lincoln was carried to a boardinghouse across the
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