Abraham Lincoln in the Post-Heroic Era

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Abraham Lincoln Nancy Lincoln gave birth to a son in Kentucky; the year of his birth was 1809. Her son was named as Abraham Lincoln. The vicinity of Ohio River was the place where they shifted when they faced some property issues. A disease started transmitting through milk in Indiana where they lived and due to that disease Abraham's mother died in 1819. Abraham didn't get any proper education in the early stages of his life due to their inadequacy to pay for the expenses of education. Despite of lack of education, he liked to read different books whenever he had the opportunity to do so. He studied by himself and took knowledge from the books which he used to read. A disease transmitting through milk started again in 1830 and du e to this disease, he and his family shifted to Illinois. After a couple of months he got employed at a company and his task was to transport goods to New Orleans from New Salem. During these years he also learned mathematics by reading books. Black hawk war gave him the opportunity to serve in the capacity of a captain as he was selected by the public to serve in the capacity of a captain. This opportunity allowed him to make several contacts in the political environment. He became a candidate for the general assembly elections but he failed. He went into heavy debt payments which he had to give for the loan he took to establish a business. He got employed as a postmaster and later as a surveyor. (Eric Foren mentions in The Fiery Trial:
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