Abraham Lincoln 's The Argument Against The War

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Destiny Hellyer

“Abraham Lincoln Condemns the War with Mexico, 1848”
1) What is Abraham Lincoln’s main argument against the war?
When Lincoln was a Congressman in the House of Representatives, during his short term, he loudly opposed the Mexican war held in 1846. His main argument was that the war was unconstitutional and unnecessary and was based on a lie. He faced severe criticism from fellow Whigs including other congressmen for raising voice against the USA intervention in the Mexican territory and promotion of slavery there. This was against the popular President James Polk’s moves to acquire lands under USA control. Lincoln thought it was unjust and tyrannous.
2) What evidence does Lincoln use to support his anti-war argument?
Lincoln believed that Polk had invaded Mexico based on a lie. So he questioned the President Polk’s intent of going to war which was based on Mexico crossing national borders in order to draw first blood in the US soil. He challenged Polk in the House floor to prove the claim of waging the Mexican war by providing evidence and facts in a fair and just manner. Lincoln emphasized that Polk should not resort to rhetoric, evasions, and arguments and should be precise and transparent in presenting the facts that led to the war.
1) Mexico was declared independent in 1821 following a series of revolts and political turmoil due to Spanish colonial rule. The independent land of Mexico sought to secure its borders against illegal American

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