Abraham Lincoln was a Hypocrite Essay

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Abraham Lincoln was a Hypocrite

Abraham Lincoln was always known as a good and honest man. There are many other opinions that refute this statement. Many theories say that Lincoln was far from good and honest. Throughout his life he tried to do good then as president he tried to hold a nation together by tactics that could be looked at as unpleasant. Abraham Lincoln is considered a hero to many, but he could also be looked at to be a hypocrite and a racist because of his ideas about the Negro race and slave policy during his time. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Harden Country, Kentucky. From an early age he was known as Abe. Lincoln later moved to Kentucky with his parents. Lincoln always wanted to be a
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This clearly shows that Lincoln was not out for the Negro but just to preserve the union. He says in many other debates that he thought the Negro had a physical difference from the white man as well as an intellectual difference (Lincoln-Douglas, n. pag.). Lincoln was considered by many in the south to be a bigot, a white supremacist who wanted segregation and opposed civil and political rights for blacks (Oates 21). Stephen B. Oates talks of many of the theories in his book, like that many southerners concluded that Lincoln was with them in the matters of race (22). Many of these examples show that Lincoln was a hypocrite of some sorts. He would appeal to the southerners by making statements that led them to believe that he was against the Negro. Yet he was writing the emancipation proclamation that was supposed to free all of the slaves. This also is debatable that the proclamation freed any slaves at all. The emancipation proclamation is looked at by some as one of the most far-reaching pronouncements ever issued in the United States (Oates 25). Also it is said that the proclamation freed few if any bondsman (Oates 26). Abraham Lincoln talked of the slave issue at many occasions. He said that his paramount object
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