Abraham Lincoln's Beliefs

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Some have said that Abraham Lincoln's beliefs are a mystery. He himself has never proclaimed his beliefs but a lot can be determined by his actions and words. Through observation, there have been quite a lot of conclusions to his faith. Some conclusions are: skepticism, deism, Christianity, theism, fatalism, and even atheism. It's an on-going debate for the conclusion to his faith although we won't be able to ever prove exactly what his beliefs were since he never made a profession, there are many facts leading to his belief in a personal savior.
Among the conclusions, skepticism is one of many. In his earlier years, he was a known skeptic and he is often remembered as a skeptic because of his earlier quotes (George). Despite his firm belief in God, proved by the references to God and the Bible in the Second Inaugural Address, some say that he was just trying to please the audience even though what he said is not what the people wanted to hear (Calhoun and Morel). Lincoln may have been a skeptic at a young age, but he showed reliance on God later in life. James Smith said that he was inclined to believe that Lincoln was a skeptic but unlike most skeptics, he was a constant reader of the Bible (Lind, 51). He showed no skepticism as the president, he only showed his reliance on God and his unfailing word.
Another belief was that Lincoln was a deist. Possibly because he never made a profession of faith and he never officially joined a church but this is not a sound argument.
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