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Abraham Maslow was born on April 1, 1908 to two Jewish parents who lived in New York but had emigrated from Russia. (Cherry, page 1) He was born in Brooklyn New York and he was the first of seven children. (Cherry, Page 1) He grew up with parents pushing him along in his education so he would be a very smart person and could accomplish many large tasks. (Boeree, page 1) When Abraham Maslow was a child he was very lonely and unhappy due to always being pushed along in his education instead of being friendlier with people his age. (Cherry, Page 1)Beings as he was lonely he took a liking to reading at the library. (Cherry, Page 1) Abraham ended up being smart but shy. As he got older he went to a city college in New York to study law and …show more content…
(Cherry, Page 1)Maslow’s work during this time brought about his theories and during his early career he studied monkeys. (Boeree, Page 1) He found out in his studies with monkeys that they take care of some needs before others such as if they were hungry or thirsty they would tend to drink first because you can go many weeks without food but when it comes to water you can only go a couple of days without it.(Boeree, Page 1) He also found out that if you are thirsty but someone has put a choke hold on you than you are probably going to get air before you try to get a drink. (Boeree, Page 1) With these few thoughts in mind Abraham Maslow made up a hierarchy of needs. (Boeree, Page 2) The hierarchy of needs has five levels: the bottom one is Physiological Needs, the next one up is Safety needs, the next one is Belonging needs, the next one is Esteem Needs and finally the last one is Self-actualization needs. As Maslow thought he “saw human beings needs arranged like a ladder”, the most basic needs at the bottom and at the top the need to fulfill yourself. (pbs.org, Page 1) Below is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
The level labeled Physiological Needs is talking about the needs for oxygen, water, protein, salt, sugar, calcium, and other minerals and vitamins. (Boeree, Page 2) This level also includes the need

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