Abraham Maslow Pyramid Analysis

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Abraham Maslow’s approach to define how one reaches their highest level of motivational needs is strategically organized. The pyramid he developed to demonstrate the needs one must fulfill in order to reach a level of self actualization is interesting. However, life is a journey. I believe our destiny is influenced by the choices we make. Everyone develops their own unique personality and values. Some people may have to face difficult challenges in life to come out of their shell, and gain the self-worth needed to establish a safe environment. Then they may need to regain the ability to feel love and belongingness. However, they may have been hurt so deeply, it’s hard to love or be loved. This would take them straight from physiological needs to esteem, to safety, to love and belongingness, which they may never find, to self actualization, if they can fully recover. Overall, I think the pattern of the stages on the pyramid would not be the same for all people.
The psychological needs seem rather primitive in nature. Seems our motivation to fulfill these needs would come instantaneously. Without shelter a person can die from exposure to frigid temperatures and hypothermia, heat exhaustion, wet or damp conditions that can make us sick, disease, infections, or injuries. Even for the prehistoric man, I think he’d seek shelter from the elements, food, and water before striving for anything else in life. Sleep is inevitable, once we’ve achieved these goals. However, I do not see
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