Abraham Maslow and His Theory on the Hierachy of Needs Essay

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Abraham Maslow and His Theory on the Hierachy of Needs Born April1,1908 Abraham Maslow was the oldest of seven children born to his parents in Brooklyn New York. Feeling pressure from his parents to achieve academic greatness, Abraham went through early childhood with few friends. Focusing mainly on his studies Maslow had a quiet and unfulfilling adolescence. Abraham started off his college career by attending city college in New York were he began to study law, as his father had wanted him to do. He soon lost interest and transferred to the University of Wisconsin and studied psychology. Here Maslow received, in 1934, his Ph.D. During his college career Abraham married his cousin Bertha Goodman, his parents did not approve…show more content…
these needs which must be reached are illustrated in the pyramid below. At the bottom of the pyramid is the physiological needs those basic needs which ensure our survival. Water when we are thirsty, food when we are hungry, the ability of our body to produce protein and sugars for muscle development. These are the needs felt by all living creation not just humans, therefore the simplest. You could say these are our basic instincts. Then when these needs are met, we are able to move up the next rung of the ladder. So know that I am not going to starve to death, I now am concerned about being killed. These are my safety and security needs. A person buys a house so he will be protected from the elements, we put locks on our doors so that no one can come in. And it is not just a matter of keeping your body safe, but also your hopes and dreams. People seek stability, for this they put money away for there retirement. This is why we have rules and laws put into place, so that there might be limits and social order. So when our physical needs are met we then find something else to be concurred with fear. And when over come our anxieties we then divert our attention to that which other people think of us. Belonging needs are the next to be met on the pyramid. There you sit in your house, nice and safe, your fat and happy . What do you need now? Somebody to share your bounty and safety with. Belonging needs our those feelings you
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