Abraham Maslow 's Theory Of Psychology

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A psychologist by the name of Abraham Harold Maslow only accepted the ultimate best for himself in life. Born to Samuel and Rose Schilofsky, Maslow was one of their seven children. His parents were not well educated. Driven for success, they pushed Maslow very hard, but often underestimated him and categorized him as being ill. He felt often neglected as a child. Maslow read to stimulate his mind. Because he knew that his parents would appreciate it, he studied law at the City College of New York. Maslow realized that law was not for him so he went to Cornell University. His first cousin, Bertha, and he got married and they had two children. Maslow’s love for psychology was sparked at the university. He obtained a host of degrees. He returned to New York where he started studying and researching about human sexuality. He taught full time at Brooklyn College. He was the chair of psychology at Brandeis until his health started to fail. On June 8, 1970, Abraham Maslow died in California. The Life and Career of Abraham Maslow
Background on Maslow
Men and women were selling themselves short of the human race was the story (Maslow, 1908-1970). Abraham Maslow was the originator of Humanistic Psychology. Abraham Maslow was a man of great character. His life, theories, and career still exist today and people continue to reflect on such an impact he has had on society.
The Life of Abraham Maslow
On April 1, 1908, Maslow was born in Brooklyn, New York, to
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