Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Road to Self-Actualization

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Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Road to Self-Actualization
PSY 330: Theories of Personality
January 30th, 2012

Abraham Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs and the Road to Self-Actualization

Abraham Maslow was an American theorist that was one of the advocates of humanistic psychology. He believed that self-actualization is “a situation that exists when a person is acting in accordance with his or her full potential” (Hergenhahn & Olson, 2011). I will illustrate the key concepts of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of humans, research the methodologies of his concept, and address how self-actualization has conceptualized on this type of personality development. His contribution
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This was the beginning of one of the groundbreaking contributions to Psychology Abraham Maslow has done. Another way that Maslow has contributed to Psychology by making sure through gatherings, meetings, lectures, and theory that the matter of humanistic psychology is just as valuable and needed to be taught as that of Pavlov’s theory of behaviorism and that of Freudian’s psychoanalysis theory. “As a prophet of human potential, Maslow believed the realization of one’s total potential variously described as self-realization to be the ultimate goal of all human kind” (Dhiman, 2007). He did this with extensive research and by working with theorist that shared the same interests, like Carl Rogers. He did his bit on teaching at a university, but quickly found out that he did not like it very much and had the students teach the class as he monitored. The times that he did lecture the class, he asked questions that broaden the horizons of how the student saw themselves in the future.

The questions were similar to “Who wants to be president? “Or a great composer”, and even an aspiration to be a saint?” (Dhiman, 2007). I believe this gave the students a platform to start thinking of a broader prospective for them and create what they needed to build their motivation to do and be anything that they can imagine to be. This drive or push in their self-esteem is one of the best ways to feel like they are needed and wanted. According to a book written and reviewed
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