Abraham Maslow's Life and the Development of his Personality Theory

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He also grew in Brooklyn. He was the first of seven children born to a jewish family. His parents had emigrated from Russia. Maslow usually describes his childhood as quite unhappy and miserable, being one of seven children he was not paid attention to as much as the others and was forced to be on his own. He and his father were constantly fighting with each other. His father was constantly pushing him to excel in areas that were of absolute no interest to him. His father loved things, but not him. He liked drinking and women, but he regarded his son as stupid and ugly. His mother did not treat her son any differently, in fact, she most likely was worse than her husband. Abraham despised his mother most of all because she kept a lock on the refrigerator door and only unlocked it when she felt like it. One instance of his mother’s hatred is shown when Maslow decided to bring home two kittens that were dying in the streets. She found Maslow feeding them milk and decided to smash the kittens heads against the basement wall right in front of Maslow. All in all, Maslow does not get along with his parents very well. He did not even attend the funeral of his mother because the hatred for her continued until the end of his life for he never forgave her, for she never exhibited any signs of love for him or his family. At the end of his life he died in California on June 8th, 1970 due to a heart attack. For his…
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