Abraham Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy Theory Essay

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In today’s world the organization are made of teams to accomplish the organizational goals for that the certain task has been given to them but to complete those task the employees must be motivated to achieve the desired results from them, in contrast the management should make some methods from which the employees can be motivated and the end result is that the organization Goals or targets achieved. This essay will revolve around the motivation & three motivational theories and how the managers of the organization implement these theories by looking at the needs and expectations of the employees. Reference will be made throughout the essay to a case study of BEST BUY sales man (Michael V. Copeland, 2004).
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Here a manager should identify their employee problem should drives towards to follow it and find a ways to Satisfied needs. Once the needs are satisfied the individual got satisfied and working hard to achieve their company’s goal and put all his efforts and finally a manger gets feedback.( together with business studies,1998)
If we talk about the basic model of motivation, the three basic factors originates in our mind first factor effort and performance, second is needs satisfaction and the third one is extrinsic and intrinsic rewards.( Chuck William, page 256)
Now, we further move towards clarify basic motivation model .The first factor in basic motivational model is effort and performance. If we talk about motivation mostly people think that only noble effort will definitely lead to a good performance but studies shows that effort is also dependent on three more factors like right initiation, perfect direction, obviously persistence. Work motivation and performance both things are equally dependent on each other. Job performance is dependent on motivation, ability, situational constraints. Motivation should be defined as effort which anyone put to do work hard for doing their job well and ability is a degree to which a person possess knowledge, skills and talent to do their job we can say that it may be God gifted but situational constraints are those factors which some time not in our
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