Abraham and Moses Essay

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Abram is presented to us as an old man without an offspring or heir. He is at the age of seventy-five when God comes to him with the offer of the covenant. Abraham stands for devotion, justice, compassion, faith, tact, and personal integrity. He is also seen as cunning, humorous, and pragmatic throughout the story. Abram is a man looking for his faith, and God asks Abram to leave his land and kinship to a land which God will show him. In exchange for Abram's faith and compliance, God will make of Abram a great nation, make his name great, bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him, and finally all the communities of the Earth will find blessing in him. The covenant is a basic understanding between Abram and God that…show more content…
Abraham found out that this was God's final test before the covenant was finalized. God told Abraham that all his people must look to God as their god, and that all the boys must be circumcised on the eighth day after their birth. If Abraham would fulfill his part of the covenant, God would provide Abraham with the lands of Canaan. Abraham must have faith in God throughout his journey because the God he speaks to asks him to leave his lands and kinsfolk to go to a promised land that Moses has never seen nor heard much about. God promises Abraham many things which were unbelievable or impossible without divine intervention, so Abraham's faith is always being tested. Abraham knows that his legacy will never continue without an heir, so his faith lets him continue and believe that he will still have a son even after he has aged so much. Another reason why Abraham must have faith is that the people following him have faith in Abraham. If at any time Abraham loses faith, he will not only risk breaking the covenant with God, but he will also be letting down all the people who had faith in him. The story of Abraham changed the way the Hebrew people thought about time. The Hebrew people began to think of time as cyclical. Each cycle was begun with the promise of what is to come, and ended with the fulfillment of this promise and the need of a new promise. This fits in with the stories of the Prophets, as the coming of Abraham and Moses can be
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