Abraham and Sarah Essay

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Abraham and Sarah The story of Abraham and Sarah is an important one, especially because Abraham is the father (and Sarah the mother) of the Israelite nation. When looked at from a broad point of view, this story of an ancient family and their relationship with God becomes a parable which teaches others to put their trust in God and provides examples of how to live a righteous life in the eyes of this God. When looked at from a narrower point of view, one can examine the motivations and personalities of the individuals this story focuses on. Abraham is born blessed because he is the ancestor of Shem and Sarah shares in this blessing because she is his wife. However, Abraham receives an even greater blessing from God, after the death of…show more content…
Abraham shows his thoughtfulness of others again when God tells him of his plans to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham barters with God in an attempt to save the lives of the people living there. These events and Abraham’s reactions to them show what a considerate person Abraham was which also helps to solidify his worthiness as the ancestor of God’s chosen people. Though Abraham demonstrates an exceptional amount of faith in God, it is not unwavering, however, this occasional lack of faith helps to expand on his character. Twice in his travels, Abraham asks Sarah to pretend to be his sister because he is fearful that he will be killed so that she may be taken as a bride, even though God reminds Abraham that he is safe from harm after the first instance. These events help to remind readers of Abraham’s humanity, he faces normal challenges for someone with his lifestyle including “the vulnerability of the nomad to the whims of nature on the one hand, and, on the other, his desperate need for the foodstuffs of the settled culture with the implied powerlessness which goes with such dependency.” (White 178-179) When looked at from this perspective, Abraham’s lapses in faith become reasonable, but the choice of the author to include these instances can be explained further. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they
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