Abraham 's Life Of Abraham

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The life of Abraham
Abraham was man of God who God call for His purpose and he called the friend of God and as well as the man of faith because he was known by his faith on God that means he said to God call ok.
The call of Abraham
God call Abraham to be means of blessing for all the world and God call him to be the line of messiah to accomplish the God’s great plan of redemption. In the call of Abraham he was called for the aim of God, when God call him to departure from his country, to leave His kindred and from his family this is special calling to him. When we look to the calling of Abraham the going out of his country to the place where God lead him / unknown country was very hard.
Even if it was hard to leave his country
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Even if the condition of Abraham in that was without child God see great nation in him that was great promise from God to Abraham when God call Abraham God prepare him for the next generation those come behind him because when God call us not called us simply but see great thing behind us as the seed single and after and it will multiplied the calling of God is the same.
Then when we look about the promise of Abraham we saw the same thing because God call Abraham to be great nation that great nation comes gradually in the life Abraham and it was completed by JESUS. When we look about the blessing of Abraham God bless him both material and spiritual Abraham was blessed by God Genesis 13:2 “Abram had become very wealthy in livestock in silver and gold.” The blessing of Abram was to friend of God to friend of God is great blessing which we not get by our ability it was the privilege from God not from our power.
God make Abraham name great as we saw God call himself I am the God Abraham this was the great thing and great blessing, not only that God promised to Abraham to make him the means of blessing as it was promised
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