Abrahamic Covenant And The Covenant

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Eunice Barnett BIBL 150 Liberty University March 2, 2015 Abrahamic Covenant Chart A covenant is defined as a promise or agreement between two parties. The Abrahamic Covenant is a precise covenant between God and Abraham which can be seen in numerous events, throughout scripture. Genesis 12-50 reveals the Abrahamic covenant from Abraham to Joseph. The covenant is displayed in event and incidents throughout the history of Abraham and his descendants, which was part of God’s perfect will. God called out a specific people for himself, who have throughout the covenant demonstrated a lack of faith and obedience, nevertheless God still fulfilled His promises. This Abrahamic Covenant Chart is designed to provide clarity in determining the key points and verses that illustrate the covenant between God and Abraham. The chart is split into several parts detailing the following aspects of the covenant: the first is the reference or bible text, the next four factors will highlight factors for the audience to appropriately understand and apply the meaning of each reference being; to whom this reference was addressed, the circumstances in which this reference where reiterated, composition of the covenant, and analyze the development of the covenant throughout the Book of Genesis. Lastly the chart will also note any changes to be aware of in Genesis chapters 12-50. The chart is most easily understood referring to the reference to the far left of the chart and reviewing all factors in the

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