Abrahamic Faiths: The Similarities Between Christianity And Islam

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As part of the human experience, religion weaves itself through human organizations and institutions. An integral part of social order, governments are built on and around it. Systems of morality, and the very identify of entire societies all fall under the broad and sometimes ambiguous umbrella of religion. Historically, Christianity and Islam represent two religions that often entrench themselves in government, or take the place thereof. It is no accident that religions based on liberation find conquest so fitting to their rhetoric. Although Christianity and Islam preach peace, both have a propensity for violence, which stems from the value placed on doctrine, the concept of salvation, manifesting itself in the creation of state-like organizations.
The two dominant Abrahamic faiths encompass linguistically, ethnically, and culturally diverse groups of people. They are extremely effective in unifying under one flag because of strong doctrinal authority. Like a code of laws enables the effective governance of an empire, emphasis on codified beliefs ensures that the religion consistently delivers the same idea, which allows for centralized authority. Islam even goes as far as to say that the Quran is the actual word of God, not merely a human transcription. This also explains the insistence Catholicism placed on Latin and Islam places on Arabic.
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The Catholic Church generally asserts that only through it is salvation possible. Baptism serves as the initiation to the Church. Islam requires Shahadah,(S) to achieve salvation. These conditions create a citizenry, as crucial element that contributes to division. This citizenry thus finds an easy moral justification for violence. Instead of oppressing, they are in fact saving the people they conquer. The exclusivity of salvation is vital, because one cannot justify violence under this logic if the opposing group does not need to be
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