Abrahamic Religion: Judaism

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Judaism is one of the three Abrahamic religions that started 3,500 years ago in southern Mesopotamia. According to Tracey R. Rich, it all started when God asked Abraham to leave his home and, travel to a new place. Rich also said, although, many people say Moses was the founder of the religion but, traced back to Abraham. Jews are monotheistic, which means that they believe only in God and that they should worship him for all that he has done for them. Judaism was spread through trade and traveling. Judaism can be defined in many ways with its many different traditions and beliefs. There has to be a founder of everything and for Judaism, its Abram, and later named Abraham. As stated before, God told Abraham that he would be a leader of great people and he just had to do what God said. He had to travel through the Canaan, between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean, and the Nile Delta when he accepted God’s offer. (Graham 13). Abraham was the first to teach his followers about believing in only one god. He is very important in two other religions; Christianity and Islam. Moses was also an important figure because he lead the Jews during a devastating time. Graham says that, God reaches out to Moses, telling him to go to Egypt where the Israelites were held as slaves. (14). Moses helped them escape into a “Promise Land”. Moses climbs up a mountain to receive the Ten Commandments as laws by God to have the Israelites follow and live by. People from all around the world
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