Abrahamic Religions And Monotheistic Religions

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Maddie Canady Monotheistic Religions Essay

Religion is the belief and worship of a higher controlling power, and which customs, and practices are followed by a group of people. Religion affects what people value in life, and what they believe is right or wrong. It can be the moral foundation of a society whether this is acknowledged or not. It also comes in many forms, and prompts the questions, such as what happens after we die? And is there an afterlife? These questions can not be answered, because no one truly knows what happens, however many people have faith and believe in something that is unknown, because they trust their God. There are around 4,200 religions that are practiced across the globe.
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Jesus taught the idea that he was the son of God, and he emphasized God’s love and the obedience of the Ten Commandments to his followers. The apostles Jesus recruited believed he was the messiah that was sent to save them all. The early Christians shared common practices but there wasn’t a structured church. Christians believe that all the members were equal and that women could serve as teachers and administrators. Christians believe in a close relationship with God, and that through their belief their sins can be forgiven. They also hold a strong belief in the Trinity which is known as in God as father, son, and holy spirit. This belief in the Trinity is the idea that God and Jesus are not two separate people, but instead that Jesus is human form of God. Christians believe that the bible is the word of God.
Islam is believed to have started when Muhammad who was a 40 year old Bedouin from Mecca was meditating alone. Muhammad was an honest merchant, who was respected in his community. He said that he was embraced by the angel Gabriel. They believe that the Quran contains the sacred word of God as revealed to Muhammad, and it says that each individual will stand before God on judgement day. The Quran says that Muhammad is the messenger of God, and they view him as the last great prophet. Islam’s beliefs are based around the ideas that God is all powerful and compassionate, and that people are
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