Abrahan Lincoln and the American Civil War

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President Abraham Lincoln was known for leading the bloodiest conflict in United States history during the Civil War. Lincoln successfully protected the slaves and the South from seceding. Lincoln’s career included the following influential positions: lawyer, senator, and eventually the President of the United States of America. The experiences of his personal life, career as a political man, and his ultimate contributions to America make him an important man in American history. On February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky in a log cabin. As a child Lincoln spends more time with his mother; Lincoln’s mother died in 1818 when he was nine. Lincoln had hard times with his father Thomas Lincoln. Lincoln moved to his older sister Sarah, instead of staying with his father Thomas (“Lincoln”). Soon Sarah died during childbirth in January 1828. Lincoln then had no choice but to move back with his father Thomas (“Abraham”). Thomas did not support Abraham’s schooling because Thomas assumed Abraham would be a farmer. Lincoln educated himself, by reading books (“Lincoln”).
Lincoln, attended school but not often, but he learned the basics of math, spelling, and grammar. After, learning Lincoln developed a passion of self-improvement and reading. In 1834 Lincoln taught himself the rules and laws by borrowing books; also he was given his license to practice law in September 9, 1836 (“Abraham”). At Lincoln’s adult age, he was nearly six feet four, strong and dexterous .
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