Abram's Hell: A Short Story

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Quietly reaching up, sliding one hand against the sleek stone, his dry, cracked lips tremble muttering quietly, ‘Oh my God, oh my God!’ Faintly heard screams of agony echo in the background, an insane ungodly laughter echoes louder, paralysis spreads immediately through his bones! A ghostly brusque comment followed, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, common reaction!’ The famous Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata began to play! Yelling out, Abram sits upright, ‘Who are you, where am I?’ The haunting voice replied with a memorable deep laugh, ‘Far worse than Hell, I can assure you! Silence, there coming!’ The faint rolling sound and rumble soon stopped, staring straight ahead, his blurred vision adjusts to dim lighting. Abram knew whatever it is, it stopped in front of those steel doors! An electrical blue light consumed the outline of the doors, blazing violently, feeling a slight shock as the currents diminished his fear…show more content…
Shala raised one arm flashing her hand around while the other is laid firmly upon her hip, ‘Mr. Geoffrey, obviously you missed the message from the presence of your environment. Unfortunately, we cannot make this mistake known!’ Retaliation verbally expressed, approaching Dr. Shala, ‘What the hell, are fucken crazy? Whoever you people are, apparently have no idea who I am!’ More than enough guns pointed directly at him, prevented closer contact. Egotistically smiling, Dr. Shala faded away without further reply while her companions held their weapons pointed at Abram. Observing the small box car they entered, sophisticated, able to attach securely around the opening, high tech panels eliminated various lights, therefor running on electric rails. There is nothing else he could have done as those doors sealed his fate. The faint sound rumbled into the distance. Angrily Abram scream’s, ‘Who are you? Where am I? Speak, damn it!’ Laughter, evil and ghostly that of a maniac taunting him, followed by a grisly voice, ‘Mistake? Every breath they take is a
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