Abroad Program Application Essay

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The study Abroad Program is a unique opportunity for myself as a student at BMCC. As a Liberal Arts student and Italian Language learner, I believe and trust myself that I can make great use of this amazing language that I have put a lot of desire and commitment into.
I am interested in this study opportunity because it will not only help me in my educational future and career in languages, but also it will connect me and help me embrace my Italian roots. Also learn about my culture and implement everything that I have learned in this two years in person, communicating and interacting with the people. Academically I believe that is very important for me to keep studying Italian, and there is no better way to do it but interacting and putting in practice what I have learn until know. Also not only speak the language but also understand the history of my culture, seeing in person, all of the historical places that we have spoken of during class time and learning more deep into it.
As a native Spanish speaker and coming to this country five years ago from Colombia, It never crossed my mind that I would start learning another language. Even at home my mother would
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That is what it makes me look into this great opportunity, and that is why I apply to the program with the great hope and desire of being accepted it. Sadly not being able to afford the full cost of it on my own, since I am a part-time server and full time student, taking six classes and maintaining a 3.8 GPA, it is very difficult for me to cover the whole experience on my own. I have a great feeling that going to Italy will be an experience that will change my entire life and I hope that this program will give me the opportunity to achieve my goals and come back from it as a new person, filled with new
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