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ABS 270 Final Exam Answers http://www.projbid.com/downloads/abs-270-final-exam-answers-html/ 1. Question : Which of these statements is most accurate about the amount of rangelands 2. Question : What is the most important single environmental factor in determining the productivity of rangelands? 3. Question : If you were traveling from west to east across the Great Plains in the United States what would be the correct sequence of grassland types that you would encounter? 4. Question : Rangelands can be described as 5. Question : In the rangeland succession model what are some of the factors that keep rangelands from progressing toward climax? 6. Question : What happens to roots after grazing of the above ground vegetation? 7.…show more content…
29. Question : Areas of the world that are a source of forage such as grasses and shrubs for free-ranging native domestic animals and referred to as: 30. Question : Which of the following would you consider not to be a rangland? 31. Question : Which of the following is best defined as a community of plants, animals, and microorgaisms that are linked by energy and nutrient flows and that interact with each other and with physical environment 32. Question : Which of the following is not a terrestrial biome? 33. Question : Which of the following best describes the harmonious use of the range for more than one purpose: livestock, wildlife, water, recreation, etc? 34. Question : The focal point of range managment has been, and continues to be__________. 35. Question : What is the biggest threat to southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests in Arizona? 36. Question : What kind of tree is ole Grizzly? 37. Question : A tree harvest method which leaves enough trees as a temporary shelter wood over story to provide 40% crown cover is called a: 38. Question : In the US about _____________% of the land area is classified as Forest Land? 39. Question : A method of harvesting timber which helped timber companies to efficiently harvest and create even aged (monoculture) stands

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