`` Absalom, Absalom !, By William Faulkner

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An affront is a personally offensive act or word that displays disrespect, slight or insult towards a person. When someone suffers from something as disrespectful or insulting as an affront, their life is destined to change forever. In William Faulkner’s novel, Absalom, Absalom!, Thomas Sutpen suffered a mortal affront that not only altered his life forever, but also affected the lives of his children, Charles Bon and Judith Sutpen. When Sutpen was a child, he experienced his life changed mortal affront. One day while Sutpen was with his father, his father asked him to deliver a message to a rich white man known as Pettibone. When Sutpen arrived to the Pettibone plantation and approached the front door of the mansion, he was met by one of Pettibone’s slaves. The slave then told Sutpen that he could not enter through the front and was therefore directed to go in through the back door. Sutpen was amazed and shocked at what he had just been told by the slave. That one defining moment made him realize how everyone else views him as a person. After suffering from this mortal affront, Thomas Sutpen dedicated the rest of his life to ensure himself that he would never have to experience anything so mortifying ever again. To make sure of this, Sutpen created his life’s design which revolved around gaining land, wealth, a virgin wife, and a son to continue the Sutpen legacy. By gaining money, land, and a virgin wife, Sutpen was determined to prove that he is better than the
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