Absent And Ill Behaved Mothers

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Emily Swain English 361 Dr. Robinson 26 September 2016 Absent and Ill Behaved Mothers I have been fortunate enough to be given the chance to study and analyze the portrayals and representations that mothers receive though out the course of media this semester. That course and information I have been learning has broadened my thinking and invited me to analyze the way mothers are portrayed in the young adult literature that we have been examining thus far and the young adult literature that I have experienced prior. More often than not, the mothers in our favorite childhood tales are given a negative reputation, whether that is dead, non-existent or demented and evil and this essay explores the multiple effects that may result in tales…show more content…
This gave me a friend to root for through out the story due to the identification I was able to present with the character. Also, during this age is when a child is reaching the point of development toward independence. I remember admiring the characters that could overcome such obstacles with the lack of help from their parents. In New York Times, an essay written by Julie Just describes this phenomenon: “In the move to independence, the parent is all but forgotten, or occasionally pictured in a fond glow of love and regret.” Julie Just perfectly communicates this advancement into adulthood and this redirection away from parental guidance. As a ten or maybe twelve year old experiencing the world, there is a certain comfort in knowing that these children are conquering more than I have been put up against and are essentially alone while doing so alone. This is the perception of author and literary agent, Nathan Bransford. “Dead parents, I would argue, are an externalization of this nascent independence. We’re starting to imagine life on our own and love to read about kids who have been suddenly thrust into that position. A tradition this common cannot be accidental.” (Bransford 2010). Bransford justifies that childhood is awaken into adulthood through the thrill of experiencing it through a character doing it alone. A story that I was fascinated by during this age period was James and the Giant Peach written by Roald Dahl. I
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