Absent Father : The American Traditional Home

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Absent Father The American traditional home includes a mother, father, two kids, and a pet living in a suburban friendly neighborhood. For many people, this traditional family does not apply to how they grew up or their lifestyle. Growing up without one of those elements of the family can influence how the child will grow up and their different perceptions of dealing with different people in various situations. The trouble with an absentee father affects both girls and boys in multiple ways that can change the way they look at people and their response to others. Teens with a father in their life behave differently than teens without. They perceive the world differently and deal with certain situations in an alternative way. For boys with a father, they are seemed to be more aggressive and tough. Since they grew up with a father figure they know that they are supposed to be strong and look after the family when needed. During a relationship with a significant other boys watch their father treat their significant other with respect so they are aware of how to treat a woman. For girls with fathers, they feel like they are safe and able to lean on their fathers when they feel all alone. The encouragement from their fathers help the girl to know what a guy may be thinking, including the actions that correspond. The girls with fathers also tend to look at various guys with some level of respect and trust them due to the positive actions of their father. Boys and girls differ

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