Absenteeism Complete Version for 4th Year High School Student

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study * Aklan Valley High School is a well-respected school with a high standard of learning. There are different student stereotypes in the school, along with their respected attitudes and behavior. The school is rich with highly recommended panel of teachers because of their skill in effective teaching. A highly respected principal guides the entire school for the success of every student and serves as a mirror of a good leader. * * Aklan Valley High School, just like the other schools in the country, has students experiencing the effects of marital problems to their academic performance, thus it highly affects their form of living. Although it’s a normal thing to have marital…show more content…
Teachers – They will learn to give full attention to these First and Third year AVHS students to keep them away from any negative aspects of life such as crimes and thinking of suicide. b. Parents – They may appreciate the significance of having a good relationship not only to their children but also to their partner in life. They may understand the consequences of having marital problems not only for their children, but also for them. c. Researchers – The result of this study may provide insights for future research in marital problems and children with regards to their role in school and community. d. Community– It may also significant to the local government unit, religious, school and political organization, since through this study, they may be enlightened to the fact that these children needs guidance counseling and this problem needs a major attention and cooperation to deal with. e. Children – This study may help children to understand more their friends, colleagues, etc., who are suffering from this kind of situation. They may be enlightened to advice their juvenile friends and also their parents to keep away from engaging their selves to such marital problems and its possible consequences. Scope and Delimitation The research is only limited in the campus of Aklan Valley High School. It studies all the possible First and Third year AVHS students who are experiencing the effects of marital problems to their
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