Absolute Conformity

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There is no greater sin than absolute conformity. The moment at which you become an indiscernible unit amongst a homogenous societal mixture, you ought not be considered to have lived a life at all. To openly concede to the will of the multitudes without a constitutional basis for said concession shall make one a miserable speck of a human being; uniquely talented, yet without a shred of knowledge of or vocational use for said talents; heavily opinionated, yet with opinion locked away as in the vessel of the titaness Pandora. Each of the aforementioned units must, for the benefit of us all, remain a unique individual, lest our enemies capitalize upon a common vulnerability as if they were a lupine band descended upon a shepherdless flock.…show more content…
I openly embrace my status as a walking American stereotype, and I spitefully ignore any and all nicknames derived from the pronunciation of my surname. Having said that, among that which does offend me is the notion of raising a child to think in a particular way. You cannot justifiably belittle a youth for fleeing in terror from something that he does not know, absolutely, will not harm him. One cannot justifiably carve one’s religious denomination into their consciousness before they can conceivably think for themselves. One cannot justifiably hold them to moral standards of which One does not set an example via self-adherence. Should the mold sprouting from the chicken bones which you have hidden away in the microwave so that your aged Russian Blue can not reach them cause me an urge to violently disgorge my previous meal, do not say to me “it shouldn’t bother you as much as it does”. Should I vacate a radius about an insect with a black and yellow striped abdomen, do not, with a conscious understanding that I have never been stung and do not know how my immune system will respond, tell me “you let too many little things bother you”. Allow me to yield to any innately harmless impulses of no legal
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