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The prevailing government of Europe from 1900-century back was absolute monarchism, this form of government worked very well considering the belief of all people in god and the teaching. Monarchist use this belief to justify this rule in. if they could make the people believe that they were ordained position by god then they had no worries because the people belief in god was so prevailing that it was not mentionable in private to go against it. Napoleon and Louis XIV were the ideal rules to use this type of ruling. Napoleon and Louis XIV were the same type of rulers by using the divine right monarchy to control the people of their country, which was France. Napoleon and Louis way of ruling and other similarity were so alike that they …show more content…
“I gave orders to the four Secretaries of state no longer to sign anything whatsoever without speaking to me: likewise to the controller, and that he should authorize nothing as regards finance without its being registered in a book which must remain with me(R 17). Louis wrote this to his heirs as advice on how to rule. He kept everyone under a close eye, he could not trust. . He even went as far as to invaded the postal system “The king was informed of what was passing for many years before anybody knew it was that of opening letters”(R 24). If the letter say anything against the king or France the writer of the letter were exiled without even trial.

: “In fact Napoleon crowned himself emperor since he did no recognize the pope’s authority as superior to his own”(R 138). Napoleon would not even let the pope honor him as the king of France. It was like he was saying that I am more divine than you, I am more superior to god than you because I am the divine ruler. Appropriately, Napoleon found divine sanction for his power. The imperial Catechism made the people believe that Napoleon was the divine ruler. Peists use to ask the commoners “What are the duties of Christians towards those who govern them and what in Particular are our duties towards Napoleon I, our emperor”(R 142). . The Christians would answer, “ Christians owe to the princes who govern them, and we in particular owe to Napoleon I, our emperor,
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