Absolute Ruler Essay

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.Issiah Jackson
Absolute Rulers Essay
Hon World History

Louis XIV, Peter the Great, and Tokugawa Ieyasu all considered their own power and strengthened their states in many different ways but their actions were all similar. They united their states, introduced reforms and assessed their power and the effect that they could have on others. Although their techniques were different, the ways these monarchs ruled their states show great similarities. Unity is one of the many things that make the reigns of all of these monarchs so similar. For example Louis XIV continued the work of his predecessors to create a centralized state governed from the capital in order to sweep away the fragments of feudalism which had
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This is something all of these monarchs believed because all of them took the time to consider how powerful they were and it’s one of the many reasons why they were as successful as they were. Louis XIV as King of France was basically the most powerful person in Europe as France was the most powerful nation. Although he saw himself as the most powerful person in France, Louis XIV took into account the way that the nobles and others might rebel and limited their power accordingly. Had he not done this he might not have ruled for as long as he did. Peter the Great also considered himself an extremely powerful man. Due to this he disguised himself as a regular person so that he could mingle with the regular people. Him taking the time to consider how powerful he was he might not have learned all of the things he did while in disguise and would not have been such a great ruler. Tokugawa Ieyasu considered himself to be extremely powerful but still realized that he wasn’t powerful to the point where the daimyo would not eventually rebel so he invented ways to make sure that the daimyo were completely loyal and obedient. If he had considered all possibilities Japan might not have been as peaceful as it was for as long as it was. Louis XIV, Peter the Great, and Tokugawa Ieyasu all ruled their respective kingdoms differently. Despite this, they all ruled similarly and this is one of the reasons why they were so successful in their reigns. They united
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