Absorption Spectra and the Beer-Lambert Law

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Practical 3
Absorption Spectra and the Beer-Lambert Law

Electromagnetic radiation can be described in terms of frequency (V) and wavelength (λ). Absorbance is the capacity of a substance to absorb radiation and transmittance (the fraction radiation at a specified wavelength that passes through a sample) is physical properties that all molecules have.
The purpose of experiment one was to find the maximum absorbance (λmax) occurred for both bromophenol blue and methyl orange by using spectrophotometer. Spectrophotometer is a device that measures the absorption of radiation at a particular wavelength. In experiment two, the purpose was to investigate the relation between concentration of the solution and its absorbance at
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The sources of error were few while doing this experiment. Wrong readings of peptide might have occurred while measuring out different volume of distilled water and dye. As mention above, spectrophotometer readings were needed to be noted down quickly because the value were changed quickly if the sample were left in the instrument for longer period of time.


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