Absorption Spectroscopy: Beer-Lambert Law Essay

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Absorption Spectroscopy Author: Cesar M. Lemas Lab Partners: Jahnnan Jayesh Patel, Myong Ho Lee & Salem Alsaif Instructor: Jordan Andrew Mudery Chem 151, Section 7D Date Work Performed: October 18th 2012 Date Report submitted: October 25th 2012 Abstract Absorption spectroscopy is a practical way to find what the light absorption of a substance is, and whit this data combining the Beer’s law equation you can determine the concentration of different things in a solution, in this case using a orange Gatorade looking the concentration of its dye which is yellow dye #6 and what amount of this Gatorade sample is needed to kill someone. The outcomes in this experiment were that the yellow dye #6 concentration is…show more content…
Next, we place each of the samples into cuvettes and then into the spectrometer, start collecting data and then localize the highest intensity with the respective wavelength and converting this information to concentration. Then by plugging this data into excel and making a chart and treating the chart as a function we can get the slope which in this case is the molar absorptivity which is part of the Beer’s law. Following, placing the Gatorade sample into a cuvet and place it in the spectrometer and look for the wavelength that was recorded in the stock dye samples Finally with the Molar absorptivity and the absorption of the Gatorade sample we can get the concentration of the dye in the sample and then we can get the LD50 of this sample. Results With all the process and data collected we got that: Dye/Water Ratio Wavelength (nm) Absorption Concentration Absorption 1/10 480 0.070 3.73x10-6 M 0.070 2/10 480 0.150 6.83x10-6 M 0.150 3/10 480 0.201 9.46x10-6 M 0.201 4/10 480 0.259 1.17x10-5 M 0.259 Molar Absorptivity = 21657 After we get the Molar Absorptivity we can get the concentration of

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