Abstinence Of Sex Education In The US

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Sexual health is a topic that should be thoroughly explained to all individuals, starting at a young age. Sex education is the teaching about bodily development, sex, sexuality, and relationships. It also provides young individuals about making and communicating informed decisions on sex and their sexual health. It is of great importance that our community stay informed of sexual activity and healthy habits. Despite the prevailing image of sexually free adolescents, sexual attitudes in North America are relatively restrictive. Typically, parents provide little or no information about sex, discourage sex play, and rarely talk about sex in children’s presence (Berk, 2008). After researching the impact of community on sexual health, we can understand…show more content…
Sex education should start at a young age in order to assure sexually healthy adults. The United States ranks first among developed nations in rates of both teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. In an effort to reduce these rates, the U.S. government has funded abstinence-only sex education programs for more than a decade (Stager-Hall, 2011). Although this type of education is beneficial, it is not realistic to societies needs. Data shows that abstinence based education is ineffective in preventing teenage pregnancy and is possibly causing high teenage pregnancy rates in the U.S. (Stager-Hall, 2011). According to, sex education in U.S. schools are failing. The article discusses how sex education can be an uncomfortable experience and how as a country we are horrible at teaching it. “A December report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that less than half of U.S. high schools and only one-fifth of middle schools are meeting the CDC's recommendations for…show more content…
Some of the methods to reduce spreading infections include using latex condoms every time an individual has intercourse, avoid sharing towels or underclothing with others, washing your genitals before and after intercourse, get vaccinations for hepatitis, and getting tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases. If you are tested and are positive you can get treated by your local health clinic. The only way to surely prevent sexually transmitted diseases is by being fully
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