Abstinence-Only Education And Teen Pregnancy Rates

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Sex education, arguably one of the most controversial topics to surface in American politics over the past half century, poses a complicated problem to citizens and lawmakers alike. Following the AIDS epidemic and spike in teen pregnancy in the 1980s, lawmakers and educators began drafting and implementing more sex education classes and courses in public schools in an attempt to remedy the ever-growing issue. While few object to the idea in itself, the method and content of its teaching is highly controversial. Should we teach abstinence or safe sex? How early should children be exposed to this material? How effective are these classes? These are just a few questions surrounding the issue, which are often disputed.

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Aligned quite closely with the modern view on sexual education, the article uses countless graphs and statistics to back their support of extensive ‘comprehensive safe sex’ education. Statistics from over two decades are strategically used to support the authors’ position, including charts siting the differences between teen pregnancy rates when abstinence and safe sex tactics are used. Despite the seemly sound intellectual integrity of the piece, the Halls’ bias is quite evident. The clever way in which many of the charts displaying the ‘failures’ of abstinence education are presented can be quite misleading and even confusing to the reader, along with the authors’ selective choice of data. The Halls also fall victim to the collective responsibility/guilt fallacy in the final paragraph of the work as the authors…show more content…
Each piece, largely, properly used factual evidence (found through various studies and research) to either simply present or back their standing on the issue. Coupling the three pieces with my prior knowledge of the subject as well as personal experience, I can confidently say that I am indeed ‘pro sexual education’. More specifically, I prefer programs in which safe sex is taught thoroughly, but teens are highly encouraged to sublimate their sexual desires until adulthood. However, I might add, this was my original stance; nothing presented in any of the works against sexual education as a whole were persuasive enough to change my view on the subject. Rather, the articles simply reinforced, or rather reaffirmed, my
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