Abstinence Only : Harmful And Against The First Amendment

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Abstinence-only: Harmful and Against the First Amendment Shy is a fourteen-year-old girl, just starting to experience the sexual aspects of puberty. Her sixteen-year-old boyfriend, unfortunately, is slightly more experienced than her. He has threatened her to break up with her if she does not have sex with him, making her feel the pressure of what she feels she needs to do to keep her relationship together. She could always say no and refuse to risk herself, but her partner is pressuring her to say yes. However, she does not have enough knowledge to decide because the sexual education course at her middle school focuses more on staying abstinent and the benefits that it will bring in the future than going in-depth on the dangers of all sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and contraception methods used to prevent pregnancy.
Sadly, Shy is only one of many cases of people who are missing essential knowledge about sexual relationships. Taught that staying abstinent is the only way to remain safe, many students do not receive the education they need. Initially, this seems like the safest and least troublesome path. If one does not have sex, he or she does not have to deal with the complications, correct? After taking a second glance, most people would notice that there are complications with that thought process: abstinence is not fool-proof. Abstinence-until-marriage-only – often referred to a simply “abstinence-only” – courses are dangerous to students and should be

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