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Abstract—The framework of this paper is about JIVE which is a real world, open-source visualization system that supports object diagram and sequence diagrams runtime visualization of java programs. These object diagrams are very much related to the UML diagrams, that are used for specifying design-time decisions. These diagrams individually record the current execution state and execution history of a java program . we construct these diagrams at execution time, and then continuing from design to execution. By this, UML extensions can be proposed for improved characterization of runtime behavior. To deal with out-of-model calls novel extension was recommended to the sequence diagram. Multithreaded java execution with diverse forms of…show more content…
Main theme of this concept is to construct the diagrams at execution time, which ensures the continuity of notation starting from designing to execution. To better understand the run time behavior some of the extensions to the UML notation are proposed. For instance, JIVE protest charts additionally portray strategy enactments in question setting, and JIVE grouping graphs likewise bolster the idea of ‘out-of –model’ calls one of the important property of JIVE is that each point of the sequence diagram is related with the object diagram which would have been in effect at the point of . execution. Thus, the sequence diagrams behaves as a effective temporal navigation tool, that provide a chance to the user to move to any point of execution history and check the object diagram at the particular time. II. JIVE ARCHITECTURE JIVE is adaptable for many number of applications and is also a traditional debugger. To sustenance the features JIVE runs java program in debug mode. And these events are composed in to an in-memory model. Dynamic visualizations are supported by created derived models. Its implementation is based on MVC architecture. Java platform debugger architecture(JPDA) also supports the following events such as, virtual machine start, death and disconnect, class prepare and unload, thread start and death, method call and return, field access and modification, exception thrown and caught, line step. The method call and exit events are of the form. Method call: h

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