Abstract—The Internet Of Things Is The Interconnection

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Abstract—the internet of things is the interconnection of computing devices by means of internet, which has implanted in small gadgets in order to send and receive the data. Nowadays IOT has becoming basic research subject because it arranges distinctive sensors and objects to communicate particularly with each other without human mediation. IOT security is the region where the connected devices and network protected without vulnerability and viruses. In this report, we discuss about IOT devices will now alternatively stored in cloud, but the hackers are leaking the data from cloud to overcome this problem we have BitBox device which backup the data from IOT devices and using some of the authentication methods. Moreover, the other…show more content…
Installed IOT devices from now it will increase 57% by 2020. IOT devices increases widely when compared to the present Laptop, smartphone and tablets growth. By 2018, half of the IOT devices will be in Business devices. In future the areas where the devices increases are Automobile, Health, Drones, Robots, Home appliances and many more in future.
Some of the Latest invented IOT devices are, Hapifork, My Vessyl Cup, Smart Tooth Brush, Smart Egg Tray, Smart Propane Tank, and Glucose monitoring meter, Smart washing Machine, Hydroponic System, Smart Sprinkler Control, and Fiction Arcade Machine. Smart Home Security, Smart lighting, Smart A/C, Bluetooth-Enabled Insoles, Swing Analyzer, Smart Sleep System, Smart Plane, Blood Pressure monitor, Smart Slow Cooker, Internet Connected Mirror, Smart Bike, Smart gardening, Smart Door Lock and so on and these devices are increasing day by day with sensing technology. We use Embedded Device Programming languages such as nesC, Keil C, Dynamic C, B# are some of the languages used to develop internet-connected devices.
Some of the security Threats are Masquerading, Man-in-middle, DoS attack, Replay attack these are some of the attacks made by hackers. We have not buy the devices with untrusted manufactures, unprotected devices; some third party software’s can install malware firmware to devices to attack.

Some security threats are
• Data Authentication
• Data Encryption
• Capacity
• Latency
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