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During this lab report our objective was to take a closer look at enzymes. As a group we analyzed the enzyme catecholase which catalyzes a reaction with the substrate. The substrate is called catechol which becomes a product of benzoquinone. Within two lab reports we focused on factors affecting reaction rate with enzymes. We also designed our own original experiment to examine enzymatic activity. Our experiment was to test different PH ranges on enzymatic reaction rate. We used the same method for both labs and interpreted our own results. Our hypothesis was supported throughout the experiment based on the results.
Enzymes are molecular catalysts which are needed in biological processes. Enzymes are catalyzed in a
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The test tube with the highest reaction rate would also be the tube to absorb the most light compared to the other tubes with different levels of PH.
For the first experiment the objective was to measure the disappearance of substrate and the amount of product being produced. The product in the experiment is benzoquinone which is a reddish brown color that is easy to see how much is being made. In order for the reaction to happen, it must have a substrate and enzyme. The substrate is catechol and the enzyme is catecholase in the experiment. The first step was to get three clean test tubes. We then had to zero an instrument called a spectrometer used to measure light absorbency. The instrument was zeroed by using a blank. For test tube B we measured 1 mL of potato extract and 5mL of distilled water to put inside. After we tightly covered test tube B with Parafilm in order to mix the contents together. On the Spec 20 we set the wavelength to 540 nm and also using the knob to the left we set the absorbency to stay at infinity. After we carefully wiped the tune and placed it in the sample holder of the Spec 20. Then on the knob to the right we set the absorbance to zero. Now that the spec 20 is zeroed, the tubes are ready to be measured because of the catecholase reaction taken place. We then used a pipet to measure 3 mL of water in tube 1,
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