Abstract. Are You Environmentally Conscious? Do You Believe

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Abstract Are you environmentally conscious? Do you believe that the planet and the creatures dwelling on it should be treated with respect? If so, there is a way to effectively stand up to the industry that is causing some of the most ecological abuse in our world today. After taking AP Environmental science this year, and studying a variety of sources including a novel, two documentaries, one oral presentation, and a handful of web articles, I have come to the conclusion that factory farming is one of the biggest culprits of environmental degradation today. It is an industry that must be taken down. Some of the reasons that factory farming is so destructive include the following: 1) The practice of running concentrated animal feeding…show more content…
But the writing 's on the wall. As much as we have the choice to close our eyes or look the other way, the problems our planet faces are not going to resolve themselves. The signs are already apparent. The atmosphere is warming at a rate never before seen in the history of the earth. The oceans are acidifying. Ice caps are melting. Floods, droughts, hurricanes - they’re killing thousands and damaging entire ecosystems. Ailments including diabetes, asthma and heart disease are occurring in epidemic proportions - and affecting people decades younger than they have in the past. And this is only the beginning. Why is this happening? We hear all the time to take shorter showers, drive less, and turn off the lights when we leave the room. While these are all great practices, there is an even greater threat to the environment than even the largest of SUVs, and the longest of showers. Something that is causing so much deforestation, it makes the paper we recycle seem trivial. Something that is very possibly the largest cause of global warming and environmental degradation. And many of us unknowingly endorse it three times every day. Hidden in poor, rural towns, far from the public eye and concealed behind strategic advertising is a concept known as the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, or CAFO. These “operations” are the farms of the modern United States. On these farms, you won’t find

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