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Abstract “Astrobiology is the field of study focused on searches for life and possible habitats for such life on other worlds” (2014). The science of astrobiology has many areas of study and is important because it helps us find other places in the universe that could be habitable, determine the potential for habitable planets beyond the solar system, and understand those planets that we can observe in the universe. Scientists have many ideas on how to recognize signs of life on other planets (Des Marais et al., 2008). NASA has done many missions to planets and moons in our solar system and beyond, searching for life. ASTROBIOLOGY According to the textbook Astro2, “Astrobiology is the field of study focused on the search for…show more content…
Habitable world’s research uses the history of life on Earth to discover life on other worlds and how it might develop. It also searches for life that once existed on dead planets. Research in the area of emerging worlds tries to understand how the sun and the planets surrounding it developed. Instrument development programs to see far off worlds involves building satellites and telescopes that can see distant worlds and distant conditions for habitation (“NASA Astrobiology, n.d.”) Exoplanet research advances our knowledge and understanding of planets outside of our solar system. Its objectives are the detection of exoplanets and their characteristics. Planetary protection involves efforts to not contaminate other planets by introducing hazardous organisms. This keeps other planets in a natural state and it ensures any organisms found by scientists on other planets did not originate from Earth. It also involves protecting our planet from organisms from other worlds. This is done by setting planetary protection policy, designing sterile spacecraft, and planning to protect the Earth from organisms in returned samples. The goal of the laboratory analysis of returned samples is laboratory testing for samples returned from missions to

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