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Abstract: Blockbuster and Netflix are two exceptional companies that are in the home video rental market business, which accomplished enormously contrasting effects. While, Netflix considerably heightened its company value, Blockbuster lost it’s powerful and influential market position, and in 2010 slipped into bankruptcy. The paper will propose a study to discuss important insight into the many aspects of Blockbuster and Netflix, and other media entertainment industries, which includes each company’s success and failure by giving a brief summary of the case study, an assessment of the company under consideration, a short list of potential research material, and an overview of anticipated challenges I encountered in completing this…show more content…
So, I found it interesting to read about as you will too. Blockbuster without funding and getting increasing competition from such companies as Amazon.com, Apple, and Hulu, who at the time basically dominate the digital entertainment streaming industry, really only added to Blockbuster’s and Netflix issues/problems. Moreover, blockbuster’s in no way recovered, and in May-2011, Blockbuster was bought by the DISH satellite network for a few hundred million dollars. The reason at the time was unknown, except for the fact that in the past, they both form an alliance to sell DISH satellite packages in stores and to share video-on-demand proceeds, for which Blockbuster’s never gained control of this market at all. Furthermore, by July 2011, DISH announced that it would be able to continue to run 1,500 out of 3,000 Blockbuster stores, which would serve 100 million customers. The remaining 1,500 was liquidated. DISH announced, in Sept-2011, it would provide its subscribers a media download rental system similar to Netflix’s, but at a discount price. So, with all that being said, when we discuss concerning the world’s top leading online streaming media company, Netflix first comes to mind because we know they committed in to distributing/circulating movies and TV

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