Abstract Capabilities Maturity Model And Development Of Modern Software Industry

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Abstract—Capability Maturity Model(CMM) is an important model for software industry to evaluate the capability maturity of a software organization. It means through the CMM model, ability or productivity of software organization is measurable and we can choose better software development organization for our software projects How does this model be built, and how could we use this model to evaluate a software organization? In this research paper, I will present the history of Capability Maturity Model first and then present my initial findings about CMM. And this paper will also give details of my research approach for CMM, research hypothesis, and research conclusion. By compare and contrast with the CMM model and development of modern software industry, finally I will try to give my modern approach for evaluating capability of software organization. keywords—Capability Evaluation; CMM;Capability Maturity Model; software development organization; software process improvement; maturity level; software capability evaluation.

I. Introduction

In recently years, With the developments of software industry and rapidly increased requirements for software developments, hundreds and thousands of software development organizations and companies set up nowadays. Some of software companies have a long and famous history, such as IBM, they always give satisfied software products for users. While some software companies are set up recently are not equipped with good ability and
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