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“Creating and Managing Effective Groups in a Company of today 's society has reshaped their work environments to be able to compete more effectively and efficiently in the modern business world. Due to high standards of a company’s high-performance in competitive markets has now placed a premium on teamwork. Teams are more flexible and adjusted to the changing of events in the modern business world than traditional permanent groups. There is incredible amount of benefits to be gained by having in place an effective team in your company— As stated in Understanding the Link Between Team Autonomy and Effectiveness”. Developing structures based on self-managing teams has been one of the strategies many Fortune 500 companies use
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This is when the team begins to work together. In this stage, the team members will expect intragroup conflict. Conflict over the status of leadership and for acceptance of their ideas. Every member of the team has different opinions on what needs to be done and how it should be done. With the guidance of the team leader, they learn how to problem solve together, can operate both independently and together as a team. The team leader needs to be strong and accepting with the team through this stage. Reassuring that all the team members will be able to learn to respect others member’s ideas and can listen to them as well. This approach should make it clear to the team members that no one should take control of all conversations and to make contributions from all members of the team easier. The team leader will need to be able to coach some members and to be more assertive and teach other team members on how to be an effective listener. As this stage comes to an end the team will become more accepting of each other and learn how to work together. “Norming” is the third stage when the team moves into this stage, they start to work closely as a team rather than independently. They are no longer focused on their selves, but rather focused on working together as a team. In this stage, the team has now come together to work on their team rules for working together, now they will be able to share information and fix any team conflict that might get in their
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