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Currently, technology has proven to helpful tool in criminal investigation. This report analyses and discuss recent research on how ICT(Technology) helps in homicide investigation. A case study will portray how the use of evolving technology has helped in homicide investigation. The discussion focuses on influence of some of the main technology and tools used and its setbacks in modern day homicide investigations; Tools like Fingerprinting, Digital evidence (e.g. surveillance), DNA analysis, 3D reconstructions are examined and outlined in the report while portraying their effectiveness and legal setbacks.
Technology has revolutionized police and law enforcement practices in the world. Technology plays an important
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Many offenders will try and cover their tracks but an introduction to technology, offender have very little chances of getting away with their murder.
Influence of technology used:
Investigators play a big role in all the homicide investigation with their years of experience, but technology has a bigger influence in giving the investigators the lead to their findings. The rapid identification tools mentioned above play different roles in a homicide investigation.
Tools like spectral camera are used to visualize blood traces on objects or surfaces that might contain blood in a homicide’s crime scene, blood stains that might be overlooked by the human eye. Perpetrator will sometimes try and cover their tracks by cleaning out the scene, but with the new technology like of the spectral cameras, new evidence always be discovered.
The use of high definition cameras also play a huge part in a homicide investigation, taking photos before evidence collection is important to prevent the crime scene contamination or interference. Fingerprint traces, blood traces or DNA traces can be photographed so the scene can’t be manipulated. Software used for 3D reconstruction of crime scenes rely massively on these photograph for an accurate reconstruction of the scene.
The report will later demonstrate in my case study how high definition cameras are a major advantage of 3D reconstruction. Its purpose is to provide an
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