Abstract. Drug Addictions Are A Very Complicated Subject

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Drug addictions are a very complicated subject to explain due to the fcact that there is so many types of addictions that we may not have the sufficient information to sustain the facts. People underestimate the effects of something so simple as drinking a beer or even smoking cigarette but in fact it is more dangerous than you think. Alcohol and Nicotine are the most common type of addiction that is a slowly but deadly killer. This paper should give you a more extend amount of information on to what people are at risk of ingesting substances that are highly addictive and the dangers people face when taking prescribed medications.

. Drug Addictions
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Quitting smoking can help you reduce the risk of developing heart disease or even lung cancer by at least 90% if stopped by the age of 40. Not only does tobacco affect those who smoke it, secondhand smoke can cause just as much damage to a person that doesn’t smoke compared to a person that does. In Fact an average of 7,333 deaths were recorded from lung cancer from secondhand smoke and 33,957 from heart disease. It is pretty high considering that the person isn’t inhaling directly from the cigarette imagine what it does when you smoke one. It’s something to think about.
Statistics on alcohol have increase over the years, and also then death toll has risen as well. Binge drinking is main factors in people in the early stages of the 20’s where people like to go out and out do themselves during the weekend. However doing that every so often can cause serious damage to a person body and cause easily fall into addiction. 94% of those who have a drinking problem are in denial of needing treatment, and avoid all medical care. About 88,000 people die from alcohol abuse annually. It affects more men than women sadly, and is has been recorded that most deaths have been in colleges all over the U. S due to excessive drinking and irresponsibility and are trying to control the growth of that number. (NIH updated 2017).
Underage drinking is an inevitable unless certain things are done to diminish the fast growing number. Teenage

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