Cloud Computing Essay

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Abstract- In the age of large data and the large number of users around the world, cloud computing has emerged as a new era of computing. Cloud consists of a datacenter which in turn consists of several physical machines. Each machine is shared by many users and virtual machines are used to use these physical machines. With a large number of datacenters and each datacenter having a large number of physical machines. The VM allocation becomes an NP-Hard problem. Thus, the VM allocation, the VM migration becomes a trivial task. In this article, a survey is carried out on cloud computing in energy cloud, based on scalable algorithms. To solve NP-Hard problems, there are two ways to either give an exact solution or to provide an approximation.…show more content…
It provides high satisfaction to the users. Load balancing is a relatively new technique that provides high resource utilization and better response time. [3] Cloud computing provide many advantages to the users. Increasing cloud computing has resulted in ever-increasing energy consumption and therefore overwhelming electricity bills for data centers. According to Amazon estimates, the energy costs of its data centers account for 42% of total operating costs. In addition, the ever-increasing energy consumption can lead to a dramatic increase in carbon dioxide emissions. So it is desirable to make every effort to reduce energy consumption in cloud computing. Consolidation of servers using visualization technology has become an important technology for improving the energy efficiency of data centers [1]. Placement of the virtual machine (VM) is the key to consolidating the server. In recent years, many approaches have been proposed with respect to various VM placement problems.

1.1 Cloud computing consist of several characteristics: [5][6]
• On demand service- Cloud computing provide services to users on their demand .Users can access the services as they want.
• Broad Network Access- In cloud computing capabilities are available over the network. All the capabilities are accessed through different mechanisms.
• Resource Pooling- Different models are used to pooled the resources which provide by the providers to their consumers.
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