Abstract On Police Profiling

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This report discusses police profiling on both a statistical, practical and comparative level of understanding using news articles, government statistics and scholarly article to provide an understanding of what profiling is, how it may be applied in a law enforcement setting, arrest statistical data and comparison to modern media and how police profiling and Pitbull aggression are similar to the popular belief of police racial profiling.
Keywords: Profiling, Aggression, Arrest data.
Analysis and practically of police profiling.
Stereotyping; it’s something we are all guilty of. It is only natural to judge others based on the lifestyle of how we view the world and compare it to our surroundings. We judge the actions of few to base the opinion for the remainder of a group. The word stereotype is “to repeat without variation: make hackneyed”. ("Definitions," n.d.). There are various types of stereotyping, however, the one that seems to get the most attention is how law enforcement allegedly views various races and hold the actions of one to the standard of all.
Law enforcement has not gotten easier as time and modern civilization has progressed. Every year new standards are passed, new laws passed on to the books, and with the development of 24-hour news certainly, expanded the amount of information accesable and the speed at which views see it. Malcomlm Gladwell n a writer for the New Yorker wrote an article comparing pit bulls to police generalization based on
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