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More mental health facilities need to be made for adolescents. Adolescents experience the same mental disorders adults do, but there is not the same amount of places for children to go to for help. The history of mental health facilities in the United States today has been improving, and more changes are being made as we speak today by President Bush. The process of being admitted to a ward is also a long process that is the same for children and adults. It involves the emergency room at the hospital and even long hours of waiting for a bed to open while stuck in the crisis unit. Some diseases children encounter include alcohol use, drug use, emotional disorders, eating disorders, serious antisocial behaviors, suicide, and
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More adolescent psychiatric wards or mental health facilities need to be built solely for the overwhelming number of teenagers with mental disorders.

The first mental health facility in the United States opened in 1773 in Williamsburg, Virginia. By 1832 there were 32 facilities, and those that were mentally ill in jail and almshouses were being moved into these places. In 1930 the US finally established a division called the Narcotics Division to bring together research on drug addiction and metal disease and how to prevent and treat both of these problems. In the 40’s during World War II there was a shortage of mental health personnel. It got so bad that federal action had to be taken. There was a proposal for a mental health program and from that came the National Mental Health Act of 1946. After President Truman signed this act a significant amount of money was put towards the research and education of mental illnesses. All the money and research lead to the founding of the National Institute of Mental Health in 1949. Also in 1949 lithium was discovered to reduce the symptoms of bipolar disease, but the FDA did not approve the drug until 1970. Congress authorized the Mental Health Study Act of 1955. Then in 1956 they also appropriated $12 million to the research of psychopharmacology. In 1965 there was a major improvement in mental health care. The improvements included, “Construction and staffing grants to centers were extended

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