Abstract. Project Management Is An Essential Tool Which

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Abstract Project management is an essential tool which benefits businesses. There are numerous positions relating to it, but is it enough to categorize it as a profession? The introduction will provide some essential definition and remind us what is the project management about. Then, I will develop two opposed point of view on this matter, the first one answering negatively and the second one positively to the question asked above. The outlook will be defined progressively by providing some elements required to be a project management practitioner, while keeping in mind the two current of thoughts. Introduction Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work done by a team to…show more content…
In 2008, the United Kingdom’s Association for Project Management (APM), was denied by the Privy Council for the application of the Royal Chartered status, an act that would recognize project management as a legal profession. This rejection poses a greater problem: Is it really true that project management is a profession that that be compared to teaching or medicine? Are the previously cited organizations biased in their assumptions? When technical people involved as project managers are asked this question, most of them will certainly answer by saying that they might not describe themselves as project managers. For them, project management is a methodology they will use to deliver their projects. A basketball player who is highly competent and earning a living at what most do for a hobby will be entitled as a professional. However, meeting these criteria does not mean than basketball is a profession although such a player might call it his profession, his job. In my opinion this is a false logic, project management is not a profession but a process as it scored less than 34 out of a possible 100 points when assessed against 22 attributes defined by Zwerman and Thomas et al during a study funded in part by PMI and published in 2004. They reached the conclusion that project management is not a profession and will likely not be one in the foreseeable future. To become a profession, one must be able to define and control the body of knowledge. The
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