Abstract: Strategic Contingency Planning

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ABSTRACT STRATEGIC CONTINGENCY PLANNING By Karen Scott-Martinet Fall 2006 The objective of this study was to develop a strategic contingency planning model to be used to fully incorporate emergency management and business continuity into organization structures. (For the purpose of this study, Emergency Management and Business Continuity were collectively referred to as “contingency planning.”) Presently, contingency planning is mainly done on an operational or tactical level. Current thinking suggests that contingency planning should be an active part of organizations’ overall strategic planning processes as well. Organizations will ultimately be better prepared for future disasters and crises. STRATEGIC CONTINGENCY PLANNING…show more content…
Contingency planners are now asserting that contingency planning is a value-added component that can be a competitive advantage in the marketplace as well a means of helping organizations save money. Processes that are deeply analyzed in terms of continuity will usually be more secure, and new ways of working may emerge to help streamline operations. Contingency planning can be useful when forging alliances with external organizations or during acquisition phases. Contingency planning should be part of an organization’s quality cycle as well. “Business continuity and disaster recovery have gained somewhat in the eyes of top corporate management since the start of the 1990s. As the industry has slowly evolved from what could almost have been called a ‘black art’ to something starting to resemble a disciplined science, basic business principles have begun to become increasingly relevant” (Rothstein, 2003, p. 1). Purpose of this Study In this study, the fields of emergency management, business continuity, strategic planning and scenario futuring were critically analyzed with a goal of developing an integrated strategic contingency planning model. This model will assist organizations in bringing their contingency planning program to a strategic level. Contingency planning can be fully integrated with day-to-day business processes if a new mindset is promulgated in the organization. Contingency planning no longer needs to be an isolated, specialized
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